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The VO-series vacuum ovens from LAB1ST are economical alternatives to those expensive vacuum drying ovens made in EU or US. We offer all digital forced air and vacuum drying oven, built with polished stainless steel interior, removable racks, overheat protection, inert gas inlet, temp calibration, timing and password functions. All ovens are CE compliant. We offer OEM and customization service.


Easy-to-clean smooth electro-polished SS304 vacuum chamber with no welding on the internal surface


Internal fixture and plates are fully removable

3/8” stainless steel 304 hose barb for air or inert gas backfill

Fine-tuning stainless steel 304 needle valve with graduation for accurate and repeatable inert gas backfill or chamber pressure control

2nd stage over temperature protection (with neon indicator) based on capillary temperature switch

New generation large-LCD low proportional temperature controller with high accuracy within +/- 1oF (0.5oC) and built-in digital over temperature limiter

Electro-plated aluminum casting door handle, which is much stronger and more durable than plastic ones

4-sided heating (top, bottom, left, right) and aluminum plates for excellent temperature uniformity even during fast heating up.

Durable chemistry lab grade vacuum gauge with SS316L tube / socket (in both inHg and bar reading)

3/8” vacuum take-off hose barb, which is located inside the oven enclosure and well protected



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