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Filtration System:Side-entry Bag Filter and Lenticular Filter

LAB1ST offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for hemp filtration system with various choice of filter.

Side-entry bag filter with single filter bag is for some coarse filtration and pre-filtration process. Lenticular filter is a new type of stacks filter, can be used in place of diatomite filter, for tiny impurities in varied kinds of liquid filtration, clarification, and purification.

The two filters can be used together to remove impurities of the crude oil extracted from Biomass. This is an economical and practical filtration system.

Lab1st also offers stainless steel vacuum filter for high precision requirements.

Side-entry Bag Filter

  General features​

  • Mainly for coarse filtration and pre-filtration process

  • Side entry structure: effectively save space of the filter

  • Pressure ring and the spring: ensure a good seal between the filter and the filter bag

  • Adjustable legs: easy to install according to the requirements of the particular spot

Lenticular Filter

  General features​

  • No dead corner and mirror polishing: no residual liquid and easy to clean

  • Maximal install 2 filter stacks, suitable for big flow requirements

  • Special discharge valve in the inlet/outlet: easy to drain

  • Easy to replace the filter stacks, easy to connect

Stainless Steel Vavuum Filtration


  General features​

  • GG17 high borosilicate glass, has excellent chemical and physical properties.

  • 304 stainless steel funnel, excellent physical and chemical properties.

  • Special PTFE material design mixing plug: corrosion resistance and high performance cost ratio.

  • Perfect sealing, Vacuum can be -0.095 Mpa.

  • Cost-saving modular design and can be customized by clients’ requirements.

  • Safe in operation, easy to move around with lockable casters.

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