Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying, also called lyophilization or cryodesiccation, is the process of dehydration in a low temperature and vacuum environment by sublimation, unlike the way by conventional water evaporation by heating.

Freeze-drying technology has been applied in various industries such as food, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals, etc, as an outstanding result of its prevailing advantage of protecting the most substances and long time's storage.


Beginning with laboratory scale to industrial scale, Lab1st offers a full and comprehensive product line for your options in an easier and better way.

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Laboratory Scale

Our laboratory scale freeze dryers are designed for two condensing temperatures: -50℃ and - 80℃.

5 types for each temperature, thus realizing 10 models in total as our offer for the laboratory scale.

Desktop and compact design, featuring brilliantly small footprint as well as unsurpassed easiness to move.

Informational recording operations grant the export of data for storage and any other purposes.

The one-press-starting setup goes with standard types and optional upgrades.

Pilot Scale

To cater to higher capacity and lower vacuum degree demands, we are presenting a pilot scale for option.

Besides that, a better-upgraded machine is guaranteed by a stronger freezer dryer and vacuum pump, as well as other handy functions.

Heated by two ways of electrical heating and silicone oil heating, you get one more choice now.

Under the automatic programming procedures, computer software, and digital touch screen, you can control up to 40 temperature zones.

Industrial Scale


FDI2L - 20A

FDI2L - 20B

With drastically elevated drying capacity,  fiercely expanded shelf area, and sharply decreased vacuum degree, industrial scale is the one designed for your mass production and manufacturing.

Totally automatic freezing process by the digital controls and preset programming procedures.

Accurate temperature control and smooth drying effect by the circulating medium of silicone oil

Temperature-adjustable-and-controllable trays are the perfect choice for your exploration in the pilot and manufacturing in the industrial efforts.

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