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Lab1st Digital Dry Bath Series
-A Versatile Tool for Your Lab Heating Needs

Facilitate your daily operation with Lab1st durable, safe and versatile digital dry baths. Lab1st digital dry baths provides precise temperature for various experiments and multiple blocks to fully satisfy various heating needs. In addition to heating, ThermoShaker series also has mixing function, and widely used in various fields such as molecular biology and cell biology, including gene synthesis, gene purification, gene cloning, gene expression and so on. 


Digital Dry Bath

  • Accurate and uniform temperature control

  • Digital control and display of time and temperature

  • Wide range of heating blocks compatible with most popular lab tubes

  • Overheating protection ensures sample and user safety

  • Wide range of temperature control for different applications

  • Monitor temperature in real-time, and set timer

  • Equipped with a lid for heat preservation, and preventing pollution

  • User-friendly setting knob for easy and simple operation

Block Heater  T105压缩.jpg

Block Heater T105


Heating | 25℃-105℃

Block Heater T105 

(Package 1)


Heating | 25℃-105℃

Block Heater  T150压缩.jpg

Block Heater T150



Heating | 25℃-150℃

Block Heater  T150  (Package 1)压缩.jpg

Block Heater T150 

(Package 1)


Heating | 25℃-150℃


Block Heater T120 Basic


Heating | 25℃-120℃

Block Heater  T60压缩.jpg

Block Heater T60



Block Heater  T100压缩.jpg

Block Heater T100

Heating | 25℃-100℃


Thermo series


Mini Dry Bath Series

  • Precise temperature control for heating and cooling;

  • Compact, programmable and overheating protection for safe sample handling;

  • Real-time display of speed, temperature and time;

  • Interchangeable sample blocks available;

ThermoShaker T1002压缩.jpg

ThermoShaker T100

Heating, cooling & mixing



ThermoShaker T100 Basic1压缩.jpg

ThermoShaker T100 Basic

Heating & mixing



ThermoStat T110压缩.jpg

ThermoStat T110

Heating & cooling



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