Falling Film Evaporator

Throughput from 50L/h up to 2500L/h, this is your perfect choice for solvent recovery purposes with the much higher recovery efficiency.


A More Efficient Way to Recover Solvent

The FFE-Series is upgraded to a higher 99.5% single-pass solvent recovery efficiency. This whole system not only improves the convenience by automation, thus saving your time, but also requires less energy, further reducing your running cost.

Falling Film Solutions

Basic System

FFE-100L ~ FFE-200L

  • Throughput from 100L/h to 200L/h

  • Manual operation

  • Continuous feeding supported by the vacuum environment

  • Discharging with a storage & collection tank


Feed, Discharge, Control

Various Feeding & Discharge
  • No transfer pump is required for feeding.

  • Optional discharging methods:

  1. Collect and discharge in a storage & collection tank.

  2. Discharge by diaphragm pumps.

  3. Discharge by gear pumps.

Start & Stop Vacuum Control
  • Separate manual or automatic start and stop control for vacuum pump.

  • Ethanol will not be sucked into the vacuum pump.

Multiple System Control
  • Manual control of various valves on the machine.

  • Control the machine by the pneumatic valve in the integrated control panel.

  • Control the system by PLC.


Higher Efficiency

An abreast plate heat exchanger boosts the condensation efficiency with a double rate.

Uniform Heating

A finely designed vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger with a concentrically arranged centrifugal separator brings out the excellent performance of uniform heating.

Premium Raw Material

The contact part of this whole system adopts SS316L material and 3.3 high borosilicate glass; the sealing material employs EPDM/PTFE.


Easy Accessibility

Completely automatic operation, including vacuum control, all by the Siemens PLC.

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Great Convenience

Our turnkey projects hand out the 99% pre-installed solution to you.


Excellent Work

"Product quality is the basis of our worldwide reputation, which is also the reason we grow into a global company now. By the advantage and power of using the lastest technology, our products are competitive and popular across the world's markets. With the combination of great products and considerate services, we earned ourselves a trustworthy brand and business partner among our clients in over 110 countries."

​—— Chief Executive Officer, Alex

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Frequently Asked Questions

What solvents can I recover with this evaporator?

It can recover ethanol, propanol, heptane, pentane, methanol, and water. For other solvents, you send enquiry to us, we will be checking with our engineers.

I know you are certified by C1D1, but can you meet C1D2?

Of course, we can make machines to comply with C1D2, and as a matter of fact, we can certify our machines according to clients' demands.

What fluid can this machine concentrate? such as sugar?

This is a great question, our falling film evaporators have certain requirements for the viscosity of the material, which can not be higher than 50 CST. We have other options to recommend if yours are higher than this.

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