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Mini Spray Dryer

Glass type to stainless steel counterpart,

meet and get the outstanding spray dryers here.


The Ideal Spray Dryer for Lab & Pilot Plant Applications

The SDG and SDS series are designed for small scale spray drying purposes. The mini spray dryers show incredible easy accessibility and suitability for relatively small doses of samples. With our comprehensive guidelines and technical support, you can easily set up, operate and maintain it.

Spray Drying Solutions



Glass Mini Spray Dryer

  • Digital PLC touch screen

  • Inset and quiet air compressor

  • A filter is attached before the inlet

  • Peristaltic pump adjusts feeding

  • Premium high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material


Stainless Steel Spray Dryer

  • Digital PLC touch screen

  • Inset and quiet air compressor

  • A filter is attached before the inlet

  • Peristaltic pump adjusts feeding

  • Entire anti-corrosion  and anti-rust stainless steel material

feed rate.png


evaporation throughput.png


drying time.png


inlet temperature.png


outlet temperature.png


The feeding rate ranges from 30ml/h - 2500ml/h
Evaporation throughput works between 1500ml/h to 2500ml/h
The average drying time is as low as 1 second and max to 1.5 seconds
The inlet temperature can be controlled between 30℃ to 300℃ 
The outlet temperature can be controlled between 30℃ to 140℃ 

Structure Look & Details

Considering that sticky substances may block the nozzle, this series employs a nozzle cleaner, also called "through needle", to automatically clean those substances and make it through. The frequency of the nozzle cleaner can be adjusted manually.

The spraying, drying, and collecting systems adopt excellent high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material or anti-corrosion stainless steel material to make sure the drying process reacts without any pollution.

The feeding rate can be customized to as low as 30ml/h as the outstanding result of the peristaltic pump attached.

We get local warehouses across the globe to shorten the leading time and speed the shipping. Onsite and remote guides, as well as SOP systems, are all available for the support of customers. 

We have great confidence in the quality, and we believe that our customers will be impressed by it. At the same time our price is very competitive. With one year worry-free warranty regarding this product, you can eliminate any worries now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the real-time parameters during process?
    We have equipped our spray dryers with a digital PLC screen, you can witness parameters like inlet & outlet temperatures, rotating speed, air volume, and frequency anytime your want during process.
  • Is it possible that this machine will be damaged due to my wrong operations?
    The whole machine will stop running, apart from the wind blower, if you shut it down, which can protect your machine from over-heating or damage because of your wrong operations.


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"The machine is quite good, and the running is very smooth and automatic. We got a very comprehensive & considerate operational guide, so our company is very satisfied with this cooperation" - Jacob, United States

"The sales person is very professional, she understood my needs and provided a great solution to it, saving a lot of time and energy of me, it was a pleasant and easy experience working with them" - Roman, Germany

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