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Centrifuge Extractor

Low-temperature ethanol extraction machine specially designed for the hemp & cannabis extraction.

Models for other solvents (like heptane) are available.


Make Ethanol Extraction Easier and Faster

Six different throughputs to choose from.

Energize your extraction business with a much higher capacity per batch and incredibly enhanced efficiency for ethanol removal.

Notes: In the matter of  337 investigation (No. 337-TA-1311), we have reached a settlement agreement with Apeks, LLC. Currently, Lab1st has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell centrifugal extractors and falling film evaporators in China, which can be legally exported to the United States.

So please purchase with confidence.
More details: 


Centrifuge Extractor Series

LXJ - 300N ~ LXJ - 1250N

  • Capacity per batch: 7.5 - 260lbs

  • Solvent volume: 40 - 1200L

  • Basket volume: 25 - 860L

  • SOPs installation instructions

  • Material: SS304 (optional SS316L)

  • Explosion proof grade: BT4

  • PLC control: standard (optional Siemens)

  • Temperature: -50℃ to 50℃

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Industry-leading ethanol removal efficiency.



Installation instructions allow you to switch configurable HMI positions with the easiest accessibility.



Excellent botanical material removal efficiency.



One single operator is enough with this complete ATEX & US C1D1 certified Siemens PLC control center.



Reaching the lowest temperature rate.



An explosion-proof certified motor with a variable frequency drive enhances safety in a huge leap.

Clear Observation

  • Reinforced sight glass enables you to clearly observe the process.


Tight Locking

  • Tri-clamp fittings for the feeding and draining port, as well as the top lid-locking system, promote the locking performance.


Insulation Jacket

  • Insulation jacket is designed for heat and cold preservation needs.

Efficient Agitation

  • Bi-directional agitation and heavy-duty spin-drying aim for the maximum ethanol removal.


Turnkey Package

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