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Bioreactor and Fermenter 

A Professional Bioreactor Manufacturer Since 1998


Trust us with Your Project

With more than 30 years' experience of bioreactor technology and manufacturing, Lab1st has sold over 200 bioreactor systems to home and abroad. Compared to famous brand sartorius, eppendorf, applikon bioreactor, our advantages are in cost and prices. We work hard to improve bioreactor technology. Nowadays, 11000+ Lab1st bioreactor fermentation systems are in operation. From the designing to the installation and maintenance of the machine, we can always be your helpful partner.

20 + 

experienced engineers


years+ experience

11,000+ units 

since 1998

Labfirst Scientific is a professional manufacturer and provider dedicated to producing superior laboratory and production processing equipment. Our product lines focus on bioreactors, lab equipment and plant extraction field.

Growing with the market, at present, we are a medium-sized company with one R&D center, three factories in Shanghai and one warehouse in America. Thanks to our high-quality and cost-effective products as well as excellent and efficient service, we have attracted clients from America, Canada, Columbia, Switzerland, Romania, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and so on.

In the future, we will still stick to satisfy our clients’ demands with better products, faster delivery and nicer service. 

Since the foundation of our factory, We have sold more than

11,000 bioreactors 

Among all the sold stainless steel bioreactors, there are

Bioreactor Fermentor
500 units exceeding 1 tons
bioreactor technology

The largest bioreactor we have ever made before is


The largest bioreactor we have exported is


bioreactor stirred tank

Featured Products

  • Benchtop Glass Bioreactor: 

The benchtop bioreactor is designed keeping the ergonomics and practicability in mind. The standard control cabinet fits 1-15L fermentation tanks. With its compact design, affordable price and excellent performance, it is an ideal solution for your first trial step of the fermentation. 

bioreactor cell culture
Bioreactor Fermentation
  • Stainless Steel Bioreactor:

The stainless steel bioreactor is creatively prepared for commercial purposes with large capacities. Its volume ranges from 10 to 500L, up to 20tons.  Built with superior stainless steel and advanced software, it can meet all your essential needs. 

  • Multistage Bioreactor System:

Over the past 30 years, we have provided many multistage bioreactor solutions for big company from various countries, and the volumes are up to 20 tons. Besides, on-site installation and maintenance are provided, which could largely save your money and time. 

microbial fermenters

Latest Projects

Sweden | 2.5 tons

This project is 2.5 tons and used for microbial fermentation. Apart from machine production, Lab1st also sent professional engineers to install and maintain the machine to ensure everything goes well. 

Slo​venia | 6 tons

This project is based on Slovenia and for escherichia coli culture. The total volume is 6 tons. Lab1st's bioreactors help the client to scale the technology from a test tube to an  industrial volume. 

Russian | 1.5 tons

This project is for biotechnological production, which is engaged in the cultivation of industrial strains of beneficial microorganisms such as probiotic, E. coli cultures, etc. Now it's in operation at Tomsk, Russia.

“We want to be our customers' trusted partner”


On-site installation and maintenance


is available 



of the company


7*24 hour on-line service support

Quality and cost-effective products


Client Feedback

This is a well-built piece of equipment, I recommend it, especially for a novice like me. I thought I had an issue and contacted customer service. They were right on it and took care of my every concern, and they did so very promptly. I rate the customer service as excellent

Mr. Smith

I am pleased to report that we have unpacked the shipment, and everything has arrived safely. The iteam were packed securely to a high stand. Very pleased with the quality of the units. 

Mr. Barrie

Thanks for the professional Lab1st engineer teams, they help us to install the machine and gave us very useful recommendation. The machine  was amazing and more than we are expected! We will order more in the future. Thanks!

Mrs. Jonhs

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