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Stainless Steel
Wiped/Thin Film Evaporator


More Durable & Capable

The entire system is made of premium stainless steel material, making it so much more durable than the glass one. The throughput and feed rate capacity are dramatically promoted to an industrial use level.

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Universal Features

SWF - 01 ~ SWF - 60

  • Evaporation area from 0.1 to 6 ㎡ 

  • Magnetic sealing for high vacuum

  • Short residence time

  • High RPM stirring motor

  • Completely customizable(PLC)

  • One year warranty

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Solvent recovery efficiency ≥95%

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SS316 stainless steel evaporator


The highest operating temperature


Explosion-proof, CSA, and UL certified


0.01 bar
Low pressure


Automatic digital control

Great Performance

  • Wetted parts are made of premium SS316L stainless steel material for excellent durability and brilliant corrosion resistance.

Better Capacity

  • Continuous feeding and discharging ensure a higher processing capacity of the system.

Higher Efficiency

  • A larger condensation area promises and leads to higher efficiency.

Extra Consideration

  • Jacket insulation pipes prevent material from condensing at room temperature, keep the liquid flowing.


SWF Series

Turnkey Package

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the real-time parameters during process?
    We have equipped our spray dryers with a digital PLC screen, you can witness parameters like inlet & outlet temperatures, rotating speed, air volume, and frequency anytime your want during process.
  • Is it possible that this machine will be damaged due to my wrong operations?
    The whole machine will stop running, apart from the wind blower, if you shut it down, which can protect your machine from over-heating or damage because of your wrong operations.

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