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An Ultimate Solution to Your Liquid Handling

  • Pipettes

  • Dispenser

  • Burette

  • Vacuum Aspiration System


Lab1st provides a wide range of pipettes to meet all your essential needs. There are ten series of pipettes in total, differing in volume, operation method and channel. All the pipettes are designed keeping in mind the human form and human factors to offer smooth and effortless ergonomic pipetting experience. The advanced components and technologies ensure the precise and accuracy of every pipetting.

  • Smooth, Low Force, Effortless Button

         One Key Volume lock Setting 

         Pull up the lock wheel to set the volume 

         Push down the lock wheel to lock the volume


  • Smooth Knob Adjustment 

         Light and smooth volume adjustment


  • Ergonomic Design 

         Comfortable &Effortless, Precise & Accurate


  • Volume Display Window 

         New 4-digit volume display


  • Simple Disassembly 

         Easy routine maintenance

  • Filter Element

        Reduces volatile liquids entry into the pipette body;                   helps avoid liquid back-flow caused by improper                         operation and thus prevents piston corrosion and                       contamination


Lab1st Unique

  • Single channel, adjustable volume from 0.1μL to 10000μL

  • Fully autoclavable, mechanical operation

  • Ultra-light ergonomic design

  • Accurate and precise pipetting


Lab1st Precision

  • Fixed volume  or adjustable volume from 0.1μL to 10000μL

  • Single, 8 and 12 channel pipette options

  • Lower part autoclavable, Mechanical operation

  • Easy calibration and maintenance


Lab1st Precision Plus

  • Fixed volume or adjustable volume from 0.1μL to 5000μL

  • Single, 8 and 12 channel pipette options

  • Fully autoclavable, mechanical operation

  • Dispensing head rotates for effortless pipetting convenience



  • Single channel, fixed volume

  • Mechanical operation

  • Smart body size ideal to be packed into IVD assay kits

  • Compatible with universal 200μL/300μL tips.



  • Single channel, adjustable volume, ranging from 0.5μL to 1000μL

  • Electronic operation, lower part autoclavable

  • 2 buttons for all operational settings

  • Adjustable speed for aspiration and dispensing


Elipette pro

  • Adjustable volume, ranging from 0.5μL to 1000μL

  • Single channel and 8 channel options

  • Electronic operation, lower part autoclavable

  • For pipetting, mixing, stepper and dilution                          

  • Adjustable speed for aspiration and dispensing


Eva Pro

  • Single channel

  • Volume range: 0.1-100mL 

  • Electronic operation, silicon adapter &nozzle autoclavable

  • Intuitive and convenient speed with 6 levels

  • LCD screen displays battery status and pipetting speed


Eva Plus

  • Single channel

  • Volume range: 0.1-100mL 

  • Electronic operation, silicon adapter &nozzle autoclavable

  • Speed adjustment simply with finger tips

  • 0.45μm replaceable hydrophobic filter


Eva +

  • Single channel, volume: 0.1-100mL 

  • Mechanical operation, silicon adapter &nozzle autoclavable

  • Reduce hands-on time

  • Compatible with glass or plastic serological pipettes (0.1-100mL)

  • 3μm replaceable hydrophobic filter



  • Single channel, mechanical operation

  • Volume: 2mL, 10mL and 25mL

  • Thumb wheel guraantees precise operation

  • Resistant to acids and alkalis

  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance



  • Wide dispensing volume from 10μL to 5mL

  • Up to 48 dispensing steps on succession

  • Equipped with durable dispenser tip stop lever

  • Fits different sizes of disposable polypropylene dispenser tips from 0.5mL to 50mL


Lab1st provides three series of dispenser, namely Frespenser, Frespenser Plus and Frespenser Pro. They offer high precision and accuracy with ISO 8655 conformed calibration for use in areas such as pharmacology, biotechnology, healthcare, food and beverage, chemistry, environmental monitoring and academy&research. 

  • Volume range: 0.5-50mL, manual Operation

  • Fully autoclavable at 121℃(only liquid accessible parts)

  • Excellent chemical resistance, inert and high strength components made of PTFE, FEP, BSG, PP

  • Easy to disassemble and clean for periodic maintenance

  • Supplied with most popular adapters (S40, GL32, GL38, GL25, GL28)


Lab1st Patience

  • Volume range: 0.01mL. Max piston is 10mL, resolution is 10μL

  • High quality motor with excellent precision and accuracy 

  • Electronic control provides fatigue-free operation

  • Remote control panel prevents manual disturbance during operation

  • Built-in magnetic stirrer for a complete and easy operation

  • Large LCD display parameters

Electronic burette

Vacuum aspiration system
Vacuum aspiration system is mainly used for laboratory waste recovery and separation of liquid and solid. It serves as the best replacement for the common vacuum pump, for all kinds of waste liquid recovery, especially biological, chemical and radioactive.



  • Aspirating speed: 15L/min(air)

  • Bottle: 2L standard, 1L optional with adaptor

  • Flow rate: 17mL/s

  • Small and compact benchtop design

  • Easy and efficient operation 


Vacpette Plus

  • Aspirating speed: 15L/min(air)

  • Bottle: 4L

  • Flow rate: 17mL/s

  • Level detection system prevents bottle overfill

  • The parts in contact with liquids are autoclavable

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