Wiped Film (Molecular) Distillation Units

Wiped film/molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the traditional distillation by boiling point difference separation principle, but by different substances molecular movement of the average free path difference to achieve separation

Wiped Film/Molecular distillation is the best thermal separation method for heat-sensitive material because it is the gentlest type, causing the least amount of thermal degradation of product.

Our wiped film evaporation and distillation system are widely used for plant oil, garlic oil, cod liver oil and chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Shorter residence time, lower separation temperature, capability of continuous and unattended operation makes LAB1ST wiped film molecular (short path) evaporation and distillation system standing out.

​We are offering 4 different kinds of wiped film distillation systems with different material and throughput, from lab scale to industrial scale, to meet different customers' requirements.


Glass Wiped Film Distillation Unit - GMD Series


General Features​

Various size options for different feeding rate: 1-2kg/h, 1.5-3kg/h, 2.5-5kg/h, 3.5-7kg/h

  • All Borosilicate 3.3 glass design for a perfect view on the separation process.

  • The very low operating pressure ensure very low distillation temperature and therefore a very gentle distillation is possible. 

  • Turnkey package which is plug-and-play, technical supports available.

  • upgradable for continuous distillation process.                                                                                                    

Hybrid Wiped Film Distillation Unit - HMD Series


 General Features​

Various size options for different feeding rate: 2.5-5kg/h, 3.5-7kg/h

  • Unique design, a perfect combination of durability and clarity.

  • High quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass for easy monitoring of the entire process.

  • Continuous feeding/discharging with gear dosing pumps.

  • Optional dual or triple stage system        

  • Engineer on-site service is available (contact us about the charge rate). 

Stainless Steel Wiped Film Distillation Unit - Pilot Scale


General Features​

Various size options for different feeding rate: 3.5-7kg/h, 10-20kg/h, 18-36kg/h

  • Stainless steel heats up much faster than glassware, which doubled the processing rate compared to the same size glassware wiped film evaporator system. 

  • Turnkey package which is plug-and-play.   

  • All components are made of stainless steel 316L, ensuring superior durability compared to glass units.  

  • Engineer on-site service is available (contact us about the charge rate).     

Industrial Scale Wiped Film Distillation Unit


  General Features​

  • Larger throughput, up to 200kg/hr.

  • SS316L design, durable in use.

  • Fully jacketed design and efficient filter net.

  • Short residence time and uniform heating

  • Automatic and continuous distillation process.

  • Engineer on-site service is available (contact us about the charge rate).     

Custom Design for Purity Plant Oil Distillation

Benefit from our strong R&D capabilities and rich practical experience, Lab1st offers custom design for plant oil distillation system, and the turnkey solution for plant oil extraction, from biomass to high purity plant oil. 


Dual Stage Design

Triple Stage Design


Stainless Steel Dual Stage Wiped Film Distillation Unit

Lab1st Turnkey Solution: From Biomass to High Purity Oil

Turnkry Solution.png

Lab1st is specializing in the manufacturing and sales of extraction and distillation equipment of high-quality oil from plant based biomass from lab scale to production scale. We are dedicated to be a turnkey solution provider for plant oil extraction and distillation equipment.

All our products are customizable. Any questions about plant oil distillation system please fill out the form below to contact us.

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