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Microbial Glass Bioreactors

The microbial glass bioreactors are specially prepared for laboratory microbial experiments and such purposes, they're going to be of great assistance to you.

Features of Controlling Tower


Multiple Control Function

  • Associated control: temperature, stirring speed, pH, dissolved oxygen, defoaming, airflow, tank pressure, feed amount and other direct parameters.

  • Remote monitoring: Suitable for smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC for instant remote monitoring.

  • Step control: Users can switch directly between manual control and step control and set at least 10-step control program for temperature, agitation, PH, DO and feeding.

Smart PID control

  • Temperature, stirring speed, Ph, DO and other parameters in the tank can be controlled by subsection curve setting according to the process requirements.

  • Temperature Control: Adopt PID automatic control mode; SS316L jacket base for electric heating and cold water for cooling.

  • Dissolved oxygen control: equipped with DO electrode and shielded conductor, DO is associated with stirring motor speed, feeding, airflow, tank pressure and other parameters.

  • PH value control: Intelligent PID system control built-in control peristaltic pumps for acid-alkali adjustment, with high control precision.

  • Antifoam control: Foams are automatically detected and the peristaltic pump is controlled to add defoamer in proportion to time.

  • Feeding control: Peristaltic pump switch control (manual, automatic, and off); accumulation volume control; coupled with other parameters (DO, pH, etc).


Standard Glass Vessel

  • Equipped with an easy-to detach condenser around the air outlet, for easy cleaning, no effusion and no contaminating bacteria.

  • Standard sensors port for precise measurement and control of temperature, pH, DO, Antifoam, feed, aeration and pressure.

  • Magnetic drive stirring for good sealing performance.

  • Compact design for saving critical laboratory space..

  • Standard with flat or pitched-blade; other types of impellers are available

  • Configured one sampling port.

  • Equipped with a filter to prevent contaminated air from getting to the system.

  • Tempered high borosilicate glass 3.3 for vessel and SS316L for the heating plate.

  • Perfectly suited for research and development, available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 7L, 10L and 15L.

Jacketed Vessel (1).jpg
Single Layer 4L.jpg

Upgrading Option List

Standard Type Specifications


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