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The JGR Series jacketed glass reactor systems from LAB1ST Scientific is the ideal equipment for mixing, reaction and distillation in chemistry and pharmaceutical industries.


A wide choice of volumes are available from 500mL to 200L. When working with heating / cooling circulators, the temperature inside the vessel can be gently and accurately controlled by thermal fluid circulation inside the jacket. This reaction vessel is rated to operate safely under full vacuum.

This system can be modified in our own factory quickly in case any customization is needed from us (dimension, motor power, explosion proof, additional glassware, custom port size, etc). Please contact us if any further details are needed.

Explosion Proof - Creating A Safe Environment

For hazardous environments, all electrical components can be upgraded to comply with explosion proof requirements. When necessary, air-driven motors are available upon request.

Maximized accessibility and easy replacement

The 500mL to 5L reactor systems come with a table-top design with maximized accessibility to all components (vessel, lid, condenser, funnel, etc). Any exchange and replacement of components can be done easily.

Durable Stirring Motor

Durable AC induction motor is designed for continuous operation.


Durable Support Frame

The support frame is made of stainless steel 304, with outstanding corrosion resistance. Moreover, it’s designed to protect the glass vessel against damages from careless operation.


 Zero dead space bottom valve

The bottom drain valve has a zero dead space design, to make sure materials inside the vessel is always mixed thoroughly.

High quality Boro 3.3 glassware

All the glassware is carefully crafted by borosilicate 3.3 glass for excellent chemical and physical performance.

5-neck dome lid can be customized

The glass lid comes with 5 ports for maximized flexibility in operation (ports for stirring, thermowell, funnel, condenser & vacuum valve).