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Industrial Scale Freeze Dryer

Our industrial scale freeze dryers are designed with two shapes.

The slight difference between them is that 20B type holds stoppering drying device and electric pressure plug while 20A does not.

Model: FDI2L-20A

Condensing temperature: -85℃

Power: 380V; 50Hz

Vacuum degree: 2.5Pa

Water capture capacity: 30kgs/24h

Shelf area: 2.25㎡

Heating method: silicone oil heating

Model: FDI2L-20B

Condensing temperature: -85℃

Power:380V; 50Hz

Vacuum degree: 2.5Pa

Water capture capacity: 30kgs/24h

Shelf area: 2.1㎡

Heating method: silicone oil heating


Shared Features

  • Pre-freezing functions at the same place for the drying process, thus realizing automation.

  • 36 users' programs, each of them can control up to 40 temperature zones and memorize the freeze temperature curve.

  • The drying room employs a glass window with high transparency to witness the process

  • Accurate temperature control and smooth drying effect by the circulating medium of silicone oil.

  • The tray possesses the freezing function, eliminating the process of pre-freezing the sample and automatically starting the drying process afterward.

  • The temperature of the tray is adjustable and controllable to fit into the pilot and industrial production.

  • Efficient protection for the vacuum pump, starting after reaching the pre-set temperature.

  • Digital PLC touch screen, recording the temperature of cold trap and sample as well as the vacuum degree, whose data can be exported.

  • Excellent capability of vapor capturing and outstandingly short drying time as a result of the separate structure of the drying chamber and cold trap.

Product Structure


Standard Package

  • Frezze dryer(1 set)

  • Vacuum pump(1 set) 

  • Oil mist separator(1 set)

  • Glass cover(1 set)

  • Stainless steel sample trays(1 set)

  • Vacuum hose(1 set)


Optional Upgrade

  • Top class vacuum pump

  • Freezing point test device

  • Computer software

  • Drying degree judgment device

  • Vacuum degree control device

  • Anti-oil-return device

  • APP and PC remote control function


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