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Industrial Chromatography System

This flash preparative chromatography system is your ultimate industrial-scale solution for the separation and purification of hemp and cannabis.

The industrial chromatography system has a much higher processing capacity than the lab and pilot-scale ones, it is very powerful in performance and it's the perfect choice to help with the commercial separations and purifications.

Industrial Chromatography

IFPC-400 / IFPC-800 Models

Sampling per time: 0-5 kgs / 10-20 kgs

Sampling per day: 1-10 kgs / 20 - 40 kgs

Chromatography column A: Ø400×1000mm / Ø800×1000mm

Chromatography column B/C: Ø400×2000mm / Ø800×1000mm

Flow rate: ≥250 L/h / ≥400 L/h

Extra: each system includes a solvent mixing tank, primary column A, secondary column B, spare column C for alternate use, and some buffer tanks.


Design for

Our industrial chromatography system is created to boost and purify separations for the below materials due to its advanced separation and purification of different particles with varied particle microns.

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Smooth workflow

  • The standard working process is well designed and streamlined by our engineer to promise a smooth workflow.

Large capacity

  • Unlike the lab-scale flash chromatography, this one is much larger and also has a higher processing capacity of up to 40 kgs per day.

Space adjustability

  • We can adjust to any room or factory space by adjusting our design in order to make this system fit.

Safe & easy operations

  • This system has been tested countless times for safe operations and easy operations.

Standard models

  • Of these two standard chromatography systems, IFPC-400 and IFPC-800 are here to meet your needs. Both systems include a solvent mixing tank, three columns (ABC), and some buffer tanks. Moreover, some necessary equipment is available, like a falling film evaporator and rotary evaporator, to help with the collection of the mobile phase solvents.

Customization design

  • We have a professional engineering team, who owns excellent graphic designing ability, to realize our customers' ideas for customization or directly present our own design to them after receiving their requirements for this.

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Handling pressure goes up to 5000 PSI

particles icon.png

Particles diameter reaches down to 5 - 15 microns

filtration icon.png

Untreated silica and reverse phase column

Equipment Package

Cooling Circulator
Falling Film Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator
Heating Circulator
Cooling Tower
Liquid Transfer Pump
Diaphragm Pump

A Glance at Our Excellent Designs


The Workflow of Industrial Chromatography


1. Adding extracts

Add the “mother liquid”/ extracts that you get from the crystallization process into the eluent used as the mobile phase. Since there are many compounds in cannabinoids and one solvent may only separate one component, the mobile phase usually refers to a mixture of different solvents in proportion. Those solvents can efficiently separate the desired components (CBG, CBN, THC, CBD, etc.) during the flash chromatography process.

2. The separation starts

The flash column is with a stationary phase (e.g., silica gel). The mixture of solvents and extracts can be applied to the top of the column. And a metering pump will be used to push the mobile phase along with the extracts through the stationary phase - the separation starts. 

3. Cannabinoid acquisition

After the separation process, there is still a certain amount of solvent residue in the separated cannabinoids. It is important to use an evaporation process such as falling film evaporators and rotary evaporators to remove the final solvent. When this is done, you will get fully separated cannabinoids.

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