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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Process with this ASME, CE & ISO 9001 certified machine.


Filter, Clean, and Dry in One Procedure

With this high-quality three-in-one equipment, you can now easily process, filtration under pressure, solid-liquid separation, and vacuum drying with only one step. Within the filtering applications, products, due to their special hazardous or toxic characteristics, can be treated in a hermetic way during manufacturing.

Filter Dryer Solutions


NFD-300 ~ NFD-400

Manual Stirring Type

  • Inner diameter: 300 - 400mm

  • Filtering surface: 0.07 - 0.12㎡

  • Shell height: 400- 450mm

  • Inner diameter: 300 - 400mm

  • Filter cake height: 80 - 100mm

  • Paddle lifting height: 100 - 120mm


NFD-400~ NFD-3200

Electrical Stirring Type

  • Inner diameter: 400 - 3200mm

  • Filtering surface: 0.12 - 8㎡

  • Shell height: 450 -1500mm

  • Nominal volume: 0.05 - 16.6㎡

  • Filter cake height: 100 - 550mm

  • Paddle lifting height: 120 - 600mm

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Focusing Details

  • Hygienic design for the pharmaceutical industry fully meets the GMP and FDA requirements.

  • Operating pressure is 3 bars, operating temperature goes up to 200℃.

  • Designed according to GB150L.

  • Drive unit with stainless steel cover.

  • Direct contact parts of materials are made of SS316L or SS304. PTFE, FFKM, or EPDM can be used as sealing material.

  • The jacketed body can be heated and cooled, with a heating and cooling agitator as an option.

  • Automatic lifting and lowering for the bottom filter with an easily changeable filter plate.

  • Automatically operating and safe oil hydraulic bottom sealing system.

  • Washing and purification combined cake filtration.

Exploding Views

  1. Motor

  2. Rotating joint

  3. Gear box

  4. Dust filter

  5. Drive shaft

  6. Filter element

  7. Cleaning ball

  8. Corrugared pipe

  9. Inner wall of the shell

  10. Sheel heatin insulation layer

  11. S-type stirring paddle

  12. Sterile discharge valve

  13. Filter plate

  14. Liquid outlet

  15. Landing leg

  16. Universal wheel


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the real-time parameters during process?
    We have equipped our spray dryers with a digital PLC screen, you can witness parameters like inlet & outlet temperatures, rotating speed, air volume, and frequency anytime your want during process.
  • Is it possible that this machine will be damaged due to my wrong operations?
    The whole machine will stop running, apart from the wind blower, if you shut it down, which can protect your machine from over-heating or damage because of your wrong operations.

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