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Environmental Test Chamber

  • Temperature test chamber

  • Temperature and humidity test chamber

  • Thermal shock chamber

Test chambers are indispensable for guaranteeing the durability and quality of products. Lab1st environmental test chambers meticulously simulate various climatic conditions to rigorously test the performance of samples, products, and specimens. This thorough evaluation process facilitates the early detection and correction of any potential issues, ensuring optimal product performance. Nowadays, environmental test chamber works as a crucial and valuable tool in the environmental, electronics, pharmaceutical industries. 


Easy Operation

  • Large color touch screen

  • Multi-segment programmable controller

  • Equipped with Ethernet interface to connect with computers for remote access

Safety Guarantee

  • Independent temperature limit alarm;

  • Compressor overheating, overcurrent and overload protection;

  • Fan overheating protection, water shortage protection

Reliable Performance

  • Hermetically sealed compressor unit from Tecumseh/BOCK

  • High-efficiency Environmental-friendly refrigerant R404a/R134a

  • Independent air duct circulation system to achieve uniform humidity in the chamber

Customization Service

  • Volume and temperature

  • Walk-in type

  • The size and quantity of test hole

  • Can be tailored as customers demand

Product Range


Climate Test Chamber

Lab1st offers test chambers with precise humidity and temperature control, making them ideal for various testing applications. Our climate test chambers provide temperature control from -60℃/-40℃ to 150℃ and humidity control from 20% to 90% RH. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for testing in the electronics, automobiles, and materials industries.


Thermal Shock Chamber

A thermal shock chamber simulates rapid temperature changes to test products for physical or chemical damage, allowing manufacturers to optimize their designs based on the results. Lab1st offers two types of thermal shock chambers: the three-zone thermal shock chamber, where test samples don't move and the two-zone thermal shock chamber, where samples move between two temperature zones. 




Electronic components and devices like smartphones and tablets will be tested in the environmental chamber to assess their performance and lifespan under different environmental conditions. The tests include humidity test, hot test, cold test and so on.



Environmental test chambers are extensively used in the automobiles industry. Testing includes evaluating the impact of climate extremes on vehicle performance such as engine efficiency in extreme cold or battery performance in extreme heat. 



Researchers and manufacturers use environmental test chambers to evaluate how different materials react to various environmental conditions. This includes testing the effects of temperature, humidity, and other factors on the properties of materials such as strength, elasticity, and corrosion resistance.


Quality Control

Environmental chambers is able to replicate extreme environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and so on to assess the performance of products before the products are released into the market. This helps the manufacturers better improve product lifespan and reliability.

Customer Cases

Two -zone thermal shock chamber
Three zone thermal shock chamber
100L double layer temperature test chamber
-60℃ Temperature test chamber
-60℃,10000L temperature and humidity test chamber

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