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We are working hard to support your research, development and production!

As a manufacturer of lab equipments for worldwide scientists and engineers, we are always ready here to partner with you and solve any problems. We have a professional sales and support team, who are able to provide detailed product information, technical suggestions, customized products, remote diagnosis and quick repair service.


The support team can be reached through email, and phone number 86-21-34710525 or 1-844-452-2178. More contact details can be found on "CONTACT" page.

Product Brochure and User Manual:

Product brochures and user manuals contain the most accurate and detailed product specifications. As of now, they are not available to be downloaded online. Please contact us and request a copy in PDF.


We also have a YouTube channel, for product introduction and operation instructions.

Technical Consultation:

Having a hard time choosing the right equipment? Give us a call or drop us a message, and get professional suggestions from our experienced sales/support engineers! We will make sure you do not miss any important details, even if you are a 1st-time user.

Product Customization and Scientific Glassblowing:

Great discoveries come out of great imaginations, and that often involve tools/equipments that are not off-the-shelf. Our experienced glassblowers are able to deliver custom glass equipments based on your sketch.

We are also able to provide more customization services as follows:

  • Process automation (For example, a PLC-based controller which turns on cooling water valve while a thermal runaway is detected).

  • Voltage transformation (we can modify the electrical circuit of the equipment, to fit your requirement on voltage and power).

  • Machine shop service (we are able to deliver custom components like an NPT thread adapter, a hollow stirring shaft used as a gas inlet tube, a special-sized reactor frame to fit fume hood, etc)

  • And much more...

On-site Installation and Training:

With a reasonable charge, we are able to send our engineers to your facility and have the entire system assembled for you. We will also train your employees, and make sure they know how to operate the system safely and correctly.

Warranty, Diagnosis and Repair Service:

Unless otherwise stated, our products comes with 1-year warranty (not including glassware). Within the warranty period, we are able to send you free components for the purpose of replacement. We use Express shipping to minimize your system down time, and we will cover shipping fee. We might need your help to send the damaged component back to us, and the shipping fee is also on us.


We develop our products with modular design; so in most of the cases, you just need a qualified electrician on-site to finish the diagnosis/repair procedure with our guidance.


When necessary, customers can ship the damaged unit back to our factory or we can send our engineers to your facility and get the equipment fixed quickly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to CONTACT us!