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LAB1ST EV-series industrial grade dual-stage vacuum pumps are designed for reliable long time continuous operation. They have a balance between low cost and high performance.

They come with gas ballast, which is designed to allow purposefully pull a less deep and slower vacuum by opening the gas ballast, allowing dry air to go directly into the pump and diluting the vacuum pull, and it also helps keep moisture, solvent, and other contaminants from getting stuck in the pump, and instead passing through to the exhaust. The built-in check valve prevents pump oil backflow.

We offer all necessary fittings (KF25 clamps and hose barb connectors, etc) and a high capacity exhaust oil mist filter which also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and makes the pump quieter to run.

It is important to note that pumps should always be run in a well ventilated area.


  • poids léger, conception compacte, faible bruit

  • Conception à ballast de gaz, pour une meilleure compatibilité avec l'humidité et les vapeurs de solvants

  • Clapet anti-retour pour empêcher le reflux d'huile de la pompe

  • Différentes options de vitesse de prise de gaz (1L/s, 2L/s & 4L/s)

  • Différentes options pour les connecteurs de vide (KF25, raccords cannelés, etc.)

  • Disponible en version 220 V et 110 V


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Filtre à brouillard d'huile

Divers joints et tuyauterie KF25

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