LAB1ST offers a comprehensive product line for temperature regulation applications from -120℃ to +300℃, with heating & cooling power from 0.5 kw to more than 170 kw.

Our DLH-series provide the temperature range from -120℃ to RT. Among which the DLH -80℃ cooling circulator is the most popular chiller that mainly used for extraction system, as it can provide large amounts of cryo- ethanol rapidly, and is special for industrial production. We offer multiple process amounts from 100L to 3000L for industrial scale. For Lab scale, we have 20L to 100L. Customization is available!


  • Temperature range from RT to -120

  • Large process amount available ( Up to 3000L/H )

  • Prevent the steam from condensing in the cooling liquid

  • Plate heat exchange + small body liquid storage tank to achieve rapid cooling

  • Optional temperature range and cooling capacity

  • Hermetic design, safe and reliable, effective against fire or other accidents

  • Different power capacities are available

  • Voltage can be customized


Industrial Scale




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