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Services & Support

As a manufacturer of lab equipment, plant oil extraction, and bioreaction machines, we are always ready to be a partner with you and solve your problems.

We have professional sales and support teams, who are able to provide detailed product information, technical suggestions, customized products, remote support, and quick repair service.

We are here to support your research, development, and production!

Pre-Sale Service

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On-site Installation & Training


وبتكلفة معقولة، يمكننا إرسال مهندسينا إلى منشأتك وتجميع النظام بأكمله لك.

نحن نقدم التدريب في الموقع والتدريب في مصنعنا. سوف نتأكد من أنك تعرف كيفية تشغيل النظام بشكل آمن وصحيح.

After-Sale Service

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1 سنة الضمان


On-site Installation

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Free Replacement Parts

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الدليل العملي

خدمة التخصيص

With rich experience in the industry, Lab1st has already offered dozens of customized solutions all over the world.

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