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Lab1st balance and moisture analyzer 

  • Semi-micro Balance;

  • Analytical Balance;

  • Precision Balance;

  • Halogen Moisture Analyzer.

Lab1st balance and moisture analyzer combine excellent performance and affordable price.

Nowadays, the rapid development of technology requires more precise and more accurate experimental instruments, and balance and moisture analyzer are one of them. Lab1st offers various kinds of balance with a wide range of resolution and capacity. Apart from weighing function, Lab1st balance is also equipped with tare function, counting and unit conversion function.  We dedicate to provide you with accurate, precise and convenient scaling experience.


التوازن شبه الجزئي

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  • Recipe database: 99 data can be stored

  • Automatic internal calibration

  • Tare/counting/percentage test/animal weighing

  • Keep weight values in GLP/ISO format, includes date, time and serial number

  • Overload alarm/fault alarm/level indicator

Available Model

  • PR125D --- 62 جم/120 جم، 0.01 مجم/0.1 مجم

  • PR225D --- 82 جم/220 جم، 0.01 مجم/0.1 مجم

  • PR215-أيون --- 210 جم/0.01 مجم


 Semi-micro Balance (2).jpg

Analytical Balance

We have the know-how you need.

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PR124E (1).jpg


  • Internal calibration

  • LCD display(White back light with black font)

  • Tare function/counting/percentage

  • Unit conversion(g/mg/ct/oz)

  • Overload alarm/fault alarm/level indicator


  • PR514 --- 510 جم/0.1 مجم

  • PR1104 --- 1100 جم/0.1 مجم


Precision Balance

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  • Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion(g/mg/ct/oz)

  • RS232 interface

  • LCD display

  • Sensitivity/speed set/percentage


  • PR1003E-Alumin---1000g/1mg

  • PR1203E-Alumin---1200g/1mg

PR1003 1203E-Alumin.png

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

حرك الفأرة لأسفل



  • مصباح هالوجين/مستشعر HBM

  • غلاف من الألومنيوم/غرفة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ

  • ضبط درجة الحرارة/الوقت

  • تخزين المجموعة التاريخية

الموديل المتاح

  • MB112-Alumin---110g/10mg

  • MB113A-Alumin---110g/5mg

  • MB113B-Alumin---110g/2mg

  • MB113C-Alumin---110g/1mg

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