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Short Path Distillation Kit

At LAB1ST, we provide turnkey solution for short path distillation. The entire kit includes a magnetic stirring heating mantle, glassware kit for short path distillation, cold trap, heater/chiller for precise cooling of condenser and necessary accessories (tubes, lab jack, etc).

Newly Type of Short Path Distillation Kit


General features​

  • Heating mantle with magnetic stirring function, available in 110V or 220V.

  • High quality and heavy duty Borosilicate 3.3 glass for durability.

  • Vacuum-jacketed distillation adapter, with 3-6 vigreux stages.

  • Flexible choice of vacuum pumps and heater/chillers.

  • Detachable plastic 3/8”(10mm) hose barbs for maximized safety during operation.

  • GCT-01 cold trap protects the vacuum pump from contamination and damage of vapors.

Upgraded Newly Type!

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