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LAB1ST FY-series sliding-vane rotary compact vacuum pumps are entry level vacuum pumps which are cost-effective and light-weight. They are available in different capacitites (single-stage or dual-stage, from 1L/s to 4L/s, with different ultimate vacuum 2 Pa or 0.2 Pa)

For laboratory operations, we offer customized vacuum pump adapters, which connects to the pump at one end, and comes with a 3/8" hose barb vacuum connector on the other end. We also offer 3/8" premium quality food grade silicone vacuum tubing upon request.

It is important to note that pumps should always be ran in a well ventilated area.

For 24/7 continuous operation, please refer to our VRD-series industrial vacuum pumps


  • Integrated body structure with high precision

  • Forced lubrication for pump to ensure the high reliabililty

  • Oil window design to avoid run out of oil



Silicone tube, white premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing

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