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Decarboxylation Reactor


مفاعل نزع الكربوكسيل والتبخر

Lab1st JGR-EVP series decarboxylation reactors are designed as a multi-purpose reaction platform with a larger condenser。

Each reactor consists of a corrosion-resistant jacketed glass reaction vessel, PTFE coated variable speed stirrer system, temperature probe and digital display, and other accessories like feeding funnel, coiled condenser, and bottom discharge valve.


The JGR-series can be fully customizable to fulfill various needs, like high torque high-speed agitation, baffled reaction vessel, programmable controller, explosion-proof or air-driven motor, and an insulation jacket or 3rd layer of glass vacuum jacket.


Besides, we offer One Year Warranty, and we have stock in China and U.S.


Glass Type

  • High Borosilicate Glass

All glassware is made of 3.3 high borosilicate glass that is heat/cold/corrosion-resistant. Wetted parts are made of high borosilicate glass and PTFE, more corrosion-resistant.

  • Capacity

Processing capacity ranges from 0.5L to 200L, large condenser to protect the solvent and make recovery.

  • Modular Design

Integral vessel body and drain valve port, with PTFE drain valve core. Customizable vessel cover with adjustable and multifunctional ports

  • Optional Upgrade

  1. Optional multi-layer stirring blades for optimal reaction results.

  2. A high-quality thermal insulation jacket is available.

  3. The explosion-proof or pneumatic motor is available.

  4. Upgrade to UL and CSA standards.


نوع الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ

  • Premium Stainless Steel 

Made of premium SS304 stainless steel material, and the contact parts are made of SS316L material.

  • Larger Capacity

Processing capacity ranges from 50L to 200L, and the magnetic sealing guarantees the inner vacuum(0.1 Mpa to 0.1 Mpa).

  • Jacketed Interface

The Jacketed interface can be matched with a different heater and chiller, and there is an insulation layer outside the jacket for heat preservation.

  • Optional Upgrade

  1. Multi-layer stirring blades for optimal reaction results.

  2. A high-quality thermal insulation jacket is available.

  3. An explosion-proof or air-driven motor is available.

  4. UL and CSA standards


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