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LAB1ST offers a comprehensive product line for temperature regulation applications from -120℃ to +300℃, with heating & cooling power from 0.5 kw to more than 170 kw.

Our DLH-series provide the temperature range from -120℃ to RT. Among which the DLH -80℃ cooling circulator is the most popular chiller that mainly used for extraction system, as it can provide large amounts of cryo- ethanol rapidly, and is special for industrial production. We offer multiple process amount from 100L to 3000L for industrial scale. For Lab scale, we have 20L to 100L. Customization available!


  • Temperature range from RT to -120

  • Large process amount available ( Up to 3000L/H )

  • Prevent the steam from condensing in the cooling liquid

  • Plate heat exchange + small body liquid storage tank to achieve rapid cooling

  • Optional temperature range and cooling capacity

  • Hermetic design, safe and reliable, effective against fire or other accidents

  • Different power capacity is available

  • Voltage can be customized


Industrial Scale




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