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LAB1ST UV series pump belongs to high speed, motor direct drive, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.The rotor, mounted eccentrically in the pump cylinder,has two vanes & exhaust air. When the pump rotor which was driven by the motor clockwise rotated, the suck compartment will suck air from small to big, and exhaust compartment will complete the transmission of air, then exhaust compartment will exhaust air from big to small, and complete a work cycle from suction-compress-exhaust finally, achieve the vacuum of the system.

The pump adopts gas ballast valve which can well rule out water vapor. The gas ballast can fill the air for exhaust compartment, which can reduce vapor ultimate partial pressure, the vapor will be removed. So the gas ballast can well remove the vapor in the pump oil, which can prolong the pump service time and prevent the mix for oil and water vapor. 


  • The pump adopts advanced technology which can keep high ultimate pressure with gas ballast on.

  • The pump is designed with rational structure, safety and reliability. It has high flow rate, high ultimate pressure and low noise level.The pumps are free of oil leakage and easy for maintenance.

  • The pump adopts KF series flange for joint with exhaust sheath, which can prevent any infiltrating during operating.

  • Available accessories:oil-mist separator, flange joint, KF flange, various pipe for connecting.





Oil mist filter 

Various KF25 joint and piping

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