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Airlift Bioreactors

Lab1st airlift fermenter & bioreactor is a gas-liquid bioreactor based on the principle of ventilation pipes, without any mechanical stirring.

Types of Airlift Bioreactor

Internal Loop Airlift Bioreactor

As for the internal loop airlift bioreactors, compressed air is used for aeration and agitation. The turbulence caused by the gas/fluid flow ensures adequate mixing of the liquid.  The gas used for agitation can act to either side, introduce new molecules to the mixture inside the bioreactor, or remove specific metabolic molecules produced by microorganisms. 


*Single stage type


*Multiple stage type

Airlift Bioreactor Diagram

An airlift bioreactor works by stirring cultured substance using gas. Air/Gas is fed through a sparger ring into the bottom of a concentric tube, which directs the circulation of both air bubbles and liquid. At the top of the bioreactor, there is a gas separator to remove gaseous substances. Air bubbles flow upwards within the central draft tube; some of these bubbles coalesce at the top of the column and exit, while others follow the degassed liquid and circulate downward from the area outside the draft tube.


Advantages of Airlift Bioreactor


Efficient gas-liquid dispersion with low power consumption


Improved fluidization characteristics


Low shear rate (have homogenous shear and stress forces throughout the entire bioreactor)


Excellent liquid-solid and gas-liquid mass transfer


Airlift Bioreactor Vessels

  • Volume: 200L - 700L, with 70-85% working volume

  • Material: Tank SUS316L, jacket SUS304 (polishing better than Ra 0.4 um)

  • Ratio: Diameter to height, 1: 5

  • Design Pressure: Tank 0.3Mpa, Jacket 0.4Mpa

  • Ports: 5 x sensor port, 2 x gas supply port (ring sparger), 1 x Inoculating port, 1 x Sampling port, 5 x Filling port, other spare ports

  • Sterilization: SIP online steam sterilization

  • Sparge: SS316L ring sparger in the bottom

  • Seal: Mechanical drive or mechanical seal

  • Options: Storage bottles, vessel passivation, custom port, cover lifting, etc.

Choose Your Controller

The airlift bioreactor controller can be customized with BR100 series or BR500 series controller, matching with the special airlift bioreactor vessel.


Applications of Airlift Bioreactor

  • Ideal for culturing cells that are too sensitive to the shear stress and heat generation caused by the mechanical agitation.

  • Pallet form fermentation; immobilized enzyme reactions.

  • SCP production from methanol as carbon substrate.

  • Typically, airlift bioreactors are used when the desired reactants and/or final products are in a gaseous state and for aerobic cell cultures.


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