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The LAB1ST RE110, RE120 & RE150 rotary evaporators feature a simple and reliable modular design, making it one of the most reliable rotary evaporators in industry. Their open and straight-forward structure also makes them extremely easy to maintain and repair. Moreover, these evaporators are designed with various safety features (dry-heating shut off, over temperature protection, soft start of rotation, over-current protection) to provide maximized protection during operation.

For hazardous environment, they can be upgraded to EX (explosion proof) models, which are rated for Exd IIB T4 (equivalent to Class I, Division 1,Group C T4). For extreme condition, we are able to customize the system to air-driven motor and steam-heated bath, which totally eliminate risks from electrical components.

More detailed specifications and feature can be found as follows. Please feel free to call us for any specific questions.

Explosion Proof (Exd IIB T4)

Upgrade to explosion proof (Exd IIB T4) electrical components for hazardous environments.

Stainless steel 304 heating bath

Stainless steel 304 heating bath enclosure for outstanding corrosion resistance