Distillate 96%+ Plant Oil 

How to make purity plant oil ?

What is Molecular Distillation?

principle diagram of the molecular distillation
Molecular distillation (Short Path Distillation) is a special kind of liquid - liquid separation technology. It is different from steam distillation, which relies on the separation principle of difference of boiling point. While Molecular distillation relies on the difference of the average free path of molecular movement of different substances to achieve separation.

Lab1st Wiped Film (Molecular) Distillation Unit

Molecular distillation equipment or short path distillation equipment is very efficient for plant oil distillation. At Lab1st, we offer you different model of Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Unit for dab, shatter, and other forms.

Material is delivered from a feed flask into a columniform evaporation section, getting heating, on the outside, (circulating hot fluid jacket type), and a slotted wiper mechanism forcing liquid around and downward in a thin film on the inside. In the center of the body is a wiped film evaporator with internal cooling condenser, providing a short path for vapor molecules traveling from the heated surface to the condenser surface. For botanical compounds, the internal condenser fluid must be kept elevated (~80°C) to prevent high viscosity or freeze up distillate and the related components. During the itinerary downward, lighter (lower boiling point) fractions of the liquid begin to vaporize, move to the internal condenser and condense, falling down as a liquid into a vessel that catches and separates the distilled liquid which flows into a receiver flask. Heavier residue material (chlorophyll, salts, sugars, heavy wax fractions) does not evaporate and instead travels through the still body and flows into a different receiver flask.

Lab1st Turnkey Solution: From Crude Oil to High Purity Oil

Taking Advantage of molecular (short path) distillation working principle, our wiped film molecular distillation unit is a high efficient system for plant oil distillation to get high purity concentrates.


- Automatic feeding and discharging

- High Vacuum to ensure efficient evaporation

- Customization available

- Flexibility in production

- Turnkey solution provided

Glass Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Unit

- Continuous. Fast. Clear


  General features​

  • All Borosilicate 3.3 glass design for a perfect view on the separation process.

  • Upgraded wiped film evaporator keep the entire system at high vacuum and low temperature enviornment for efficient operation

  • Various size options (80mm,100mm,150mm) for different throughput.  

  • Turnkey package and technical supports available.                                                                                          

advantages of glass wiped film evaporator
short path evaporator with internal cooling condenser
jacketed feed flask and  Peristaltic pump

Stainless Steel Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

- Efficient. Durable. Stable


  General features​

  • Continuous feeding and discharging.

  • Stainless steel heats up much faster than glassware, which doubled the processing rate compared to the same size glassware wiped film system. 

  • Various size options. Turnkey package available.   

  • Food grade SS316L stainless steel ensures purity of plant oil distillate without any contamination.

stainless steel wiped film evaporator
advantages of stainless steel wiped film still
wiped film evaporator
dual stage stainless steel molecular distillation system
- Multi-stage Design Available !
- Custom Made Available !
In addition to standardized Stainless Steel Wiped Film Distillation Unit. Lab1st produces also turnkey multi-stage Stainless Steel Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Systems to meet our customer's requirement. 

Hybrid Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

- Unique. Clear. Durable.

  General features​

  • A perfect combination of durability and clarity.

  • Continuous feeding/discharging with gear dosing pumps.

  • High vacuum diffusion and rotary vane pump module.

  • Optional dual or triple stage system        

  • Engineer on-site service is available (contact us about the charge rate).     

Newly Type of Short Path Distillation Kit     - Inexpensive. Flexible. Efficient


General features​

  • Heating mantle with magnetic stirring function, available in 110V or 220V.

  • Vacuum-jacketed distillation adapter, with 3-6 vigreux stages.

  • Flexible choice of vacuum pumps and heater/chillers.

  • GCT-01 cold trap protects the vacuum pump from contamination and damage of vapors.

Customer Cases Display

SMD-03 continuous collection_ Las Vegas.
SMD-03 with CBD oil