The LAB1ST OBC Series heating circulators feature a cost-effective design with no compromise on quality and performance. They are suitable for temperature control of externally connected applications. With an open reservoir design, the user has option to insert objects like samples, sensors, etc. directly into the thermostat bath. The equipment comes with long-life bath vessels made out of high quality stainless steel and has circulation connections on the sides as standard configuration. 

OBC Series heating circulators are ideal equipment for lab heating applications like temperature control of jacketed glass reactors and wiped film evaporators. Optional water cooling coils are available for customers who need to decrease bath temperature rapidly.


  • Lots of options, with reservoir volume from 10L to 100L

  • All necessary accessories available (tubes, valves, cooling coils, etc)

  • Temperature up to 180C

  • Easy-to-operate controller panel

  • Large and bright LED display of temperature

  • Durable castors for easy transportation


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