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Hemp Extraction System

Hemp Extraction Turnkey Solution

Full End-to-end Processing Technology

From Biomass to CBD/THC

Cryo Ethanol

Pre-chill ethanol to -60°C to reduce post extraction steps.


Removal of suspended particulates / adsorbents from the tincture.


Activate target compounds by removing the carboxyl group.


Ethanol extraction by using Centrifuge Extractor System of different process capacity.


Removal of ethanol and essential oils (under some vacuum condition) from the plant crude-oil.


Molecular separation of target compounds from the crude oil under vacuum condition to get high purity oil.

Lab1st Turnkey Solutions


  • 5 process capacity: 15lbs/30lbs/50lbs/90lbs/150lbs biomass per batch.

  • Special jacketed insulation layer.

  • Touch screen panel designed with PLC program, easy to operate.

  • Ex-proof motor, durable in use.



dual stage stainless steel molecular distillation system



  • To remove impurities of the crude oil

  • Effectively save space of the filter

  • Pressure ring and the spring: ensure a good seal between the filter and the filter bag

  • No residual liquid and easy to clean

  • 100L/hr - 1000L/hr evaporation rate available.

  • Short residence time.

  • Compact structure, small footprint.

  • Easy to assemble and move.

  • High evaporation rates

  • Automatic and continuous process

  • SS316L construction: durable and corrosion-resistant

  • Multiple options.

  • Multi-stage design is available.

  • Larger throughput, up to 200kg/hr.

  • SS316L design, durable in use.

  • Short residence time and uniform heating

  • Automatic and continuous distillation process.


UL and Ex-Proof Available
Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Industrial Scale Chiller

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Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Disclaimer

Lab1st makes every attempt to comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations (except specific federal U.S. laws relating to cannabis). While particular cannabis and industrial hemp extractions are prohibited under specific federal laws, Lab1st advises all parties to obtain independent legal advice concerning cannabis and industrial hemp. Lab1st extraction equipment are manufactured for a broad range of botanical and agricultural material, including lavender, hops, and essential oils. Lab1st does not imply that any of its equipment is suitable or tailored for cannabis or industrial hemp extraction.